*** There will be simultaneous translation into English/Spanish at all the tutorials, keynotes and sessions of the event.***

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Monday, 3rd June

9:00 Opening

Tutorial 1:

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (in spanish)
Felipe Bravo-Marquez, University of Chile
11:30 Break
12:00 Tutorial 1: (cont)
13:00 Lunch

Tutorial 2:

Data preparation and data integration: BigGorilla to the rescue
Wang-Chiew Tan, Megagon Labs.
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Tutorial 2: (cont)
17:30 Poster Session and Discussion

Tuesday, 4th June

9:30 Coffee

Tutorial 3:

Building AI Applications using Knowledge Graphs
André Freitas, University of Manchester.
11:30 Break
12:00 Tutorial 3: (cont)
13:00 Lunch

Tutorial 4:

Languages for Data and Knowledge (in spanish)
Magdalena Ortiz, TU Wien
15:00 Coffee Break
16:00 Tutorial 4: (cont)
17:30 Poster Session and Welcome Reception
Location: Auditorio Ramón Zubizarreta, 1st floor, UAA

Wednesday, June 5th

9:00 Registration
9:45 Welcome / Overview

Keynote 1:

"From Complete to Incomplete Data and Back in Ontology-Enriched Databases"
Magdalena Ortiz

Chair: Wang-Chiew
11:00 Break

Session 1:

Foundations of Data Management

  1. Semantic Width Revisited (Extended Abstract)
    Georg Gottlob, Matthias Lanzinger and Reinhard Pichler
  2. Fragments of Bag Relational Algebra: Expressiveness and Certain Answers
    Marco Console, Paolo Guagliardo and Leonid Libkin
  3. Expressiveness of Matrix and Tensor Query Languages in terms of ML Operators
    Pablo Barceló, Nelson Higuera, Jorge Pérez and Bernardo Subercaseaux.
  4. HyperBench: A Benchmark and Tool for Hypergraphs and Empirical Findings
    Wolfgang Fischl, Georg Gottlob, Davide M. Longo and Reinhard Pichler.
  5. Parallel Computation of Generalized Hypertree Decompositions
    Georg Gottlob, Cem Okulmus and Reinhard Pichler.

Chair: Domagoj Vrgoc
12:45 Lunch

Keynote 2:

"Enabling Search by Experience"
Wang-Chiew Tan

Chair: Juan Reutter
15:30 Coffee Break

Session 2:

The Web

  1. An Empirical Analysis of GraphQL API Schemas in Open Code Repositories and Package Registries
    Yun Wan Kim, Mariano Consens and Olaf Hartig.
  2. A Lightweight Representation of News Events on Social Media
    Mauricio Quezada and Barbara Poblete
  3. Hate Speech Detection: Spotting Experimental Issues
    Ayme Arango, Jorge Perez and Barbara Poblete.
  4. Querying APIs With SPARQL
    Matthieu Mosser, Fernando Pieressa, Adrián Soto, Juan L. Reutter and Domagoj Vrgoč.

Chair: Juan Sequeda
17:15 Finish

Thursday, June 6th

9:30 Morning Coffee

Keynote 3:

"Schemas for Graphs and other forms of Semi-Structured Data"
Juan Reutter
11:00 Break

Session 3:

Graph Data

  1. On Directly Mapping Relational Databases to Property Graphs
    Radu Stoica, George Fletcher and Juan F. Sequeda.
  2. Linear Recursion in G-CORE
    Valentina Urzua and Claudio Gutíerrez.
  3. Validating SHACL constraints
    Julien Corman, Fernando Florenzano, Juan L. Reutter and Ognjen Savkovic.
  4. RDF and Property Graphs Interoperability: Status and Issues
    Renzo Angles, Harsh Thakkar and Dominik Tomaszuk.
  5. Towards Reconciling Certain Answers and SPARQL: Bag Semantics to the Rescue?
    Sebastian Skritek.

Chair: Aidan Hogan
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Business Meeting
15:30 Coffee Break

Session 4:

Data Mining

  1. Trajectory Patterns Based on Segment-Cutting Clustering
    Luis Cabrera-Crot, Monica Caniupán, Andrea Rodríguez and Diego Seco.
  2. Anomaly Detection in Public Procurements using the Open Contracting Data Standard
    Elisabeth Kehler, Julio Paciello and Juan Pane.
  3. Map-Elites Algorithm for Features Selection Problem
    Brenda Quiñonez, Diego P. Pinto-Roa, Miguel García-Torres, María E. García-Diaz, Carlos Núñez-Castillo and Federico Divina.
  4. Spanish Word Embeddings Learned on Word Association Norms
    Helena Gómez-Adorno, Jorge Reyes-Magaña, Gemma Bel-Enguix and Gerardo Sierra.

Chair: Lorena Etcheverry
17:00 Tour Asunción historic center. Departure from UAA, will finish at the dinner venue (registered only).
20:00 AMW2019 Dinner
Location: Acuarela restaurant (all attendees).

Friday, June 7th

9:30 Morning Coffee

Keynote 5:

"Query Optimisation by Quantifier Elimination"
Christoph Koch

11:00 Break

Session 5:

Algorithms & Optimisation

  1. Bring Order to Data
    Heidar Davoudi, Parke Godfrey, Lukasz Golab, Mehdi Kargar, Divesh Srivastava and Jaroslaw Szlichta.
  2. A Non-Uniform Tuning Method for SQL-on-Hadoop Systems
    Edson Ramiro Lucas Filho, Renato Silva de Melo and Eduardo Cunha De Almeida.
  3. Datalog-based Reasoning for Knowledge Graphs
    Luigi Bellomarini, Georg Gottlob and Emanuel Sallinger.
  4. Parallel Computation of Generalized Hypertree Decompositions
    Georg Gottlob, Cem Okulmus and Reinhard Pichler.
  5. Dynamic Pipelining of Multidimensional Range Queries
    Amalia Duch, Daniel Lugosi, Edelmira Pasarella and Cristina Zoltan.

Chair: Paolo Guagliardo
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Finish

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