Registration Fees

Type Early (before May 15th, 2019) Late (after May 15th, 2019)
International Regular 2.928.000 PYG (480 USD) 3.538.000 PYG (580 USD)
International Students 2.074.000 PYG (340 USD) 2.684.000 PYG (440 USD)
Paraguayan Regular 1.293.200 PYG (212 USD) 1.616.500 PYG (265 USD)
Paraguayan Students 793.000 PYG (130 USD) 1.037.000 PYG (170 USD)

Registration fees include

Note that to register with STUDENT rate, you should provide contact details of your supervisor.

HOW TO REGISTER? Fill out this Registration Form. Once you have paid, send a copy of the payment confirmation by replying to


For international payments, you can use the links provided below. Registration fees includes a transaction fee and are expressed in paraguayan Guaranies (Gs.). The final cost for you may depend on the exchange rate applied by your Bank or Credit Card issuer.

Registration Options


Thanks to the generous support of the VLDB Endowment, we have travel grants available to offer students attending the AMW school and workshop. All students wanting to participate are encouraged to apply, however, preference will be given to students registered in a Latin American university. Grants will have a maximum value of US$1,000 to help cover flight, accommodation and registration in the main workshop. For more information, see the AMW School section.

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